About Us 

 Organic Gardens For All is a two man operation. Cody Adams and Derrick Broze have the knowledge, the energy, and the desire to help you!

Derrick's interest in gardening has grown in the past couple years. He ha grand parents who grew up on farms that greatly influenced my passion for plants and sustainability. He spent 3 months on the road traveling and WWOOFing on farms, learning first hand how to work an Organic Garden. When he returned he wanted to help others learn how to grow their own food!

 Cody is a new gardener but long time lover of nature. After getting interested in activism, his interest in sustainability also grew. He bought some seeds from Derrick, and soon wanted to become more involved actively building gardens.

 Watching plants grow from seed into beautiful fruits and vegetables is an amazing experience. We aim to not only provide you and your family with extra food, but also to help you learn more sustainable ways of living. As global food prices rise there is an imperative need to become more independent in our lives. Growing your own food is a huge step towards independence. You may even develop a closer relationship with the planet once you become a gardener.

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